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💥 A Rant for Noodle Arm-Worshipers 💥 – TotalBodyLab

💥 A Rant for Noodle Arm-Worshipers 💥

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💥Dearest girl friends💥

Can we pause for a moment and ponder on a thought that your upper body needs training too, no matter how "genetically weak" (⚠️B.S. alarm⚠️) you think it is. It's weak because you never pick up anything heavier than a bottle of wine thinking that'll turn you into a hulk. 🤦‍♀️

Muscle all over your ENTIRE body need to be strong and powerful. So a 5k/spin class 🚴‍♀️ and a couple planks WILL NOT 🙅‍♀️ cut it!

👎 will not get you "toned" whatever that means
👎 will not give you a 6-pack
👎 or a really firm butt
👎 condition your whole body
👎 burn fat where you want it gone most

On the other hand, a balanced weight and resistance training program will

👍 grow muscles, which, having a higher metabolic demand at rest, will help you burn far easier
👍 get you strong and confident
👍 improve metabolism, increase bone density and projected lifespan
👍 improve body proportions
👍 make you an overall badass 👊

Throw away those myths and delusions about heavy weights and call your personal trainer.

💥 If you don't know one, hit that "contact" button below 😉

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p.s. Awesome points to @darnellisachump7188 for filming and killing the workout too 💖

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