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Coming out

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I cannot imagine how difficult and courageous it is to come out to your friends, relatives, everybody you know as gay  or transgender.

While launching a business I feel similar about coming out with my true passion. 

What if your most beloved people think something you have been looking for, something very important and sacred to you is just a flake, phase you will grow out of, that stupid idea?

  1. "But competition is rampant, why add more of the same useless service?"
  2. "Oh, haven't you had an eating disorder? How can you advise people on nutrition and habit forming?"
  3. "Phew, you will never have clients - they can just buy a $19 a month all inclusive gym subscription, and call it a day."
  4. "Why wouldn't somebody just hire a coach who looks appropriately? You don't have a 6-pack.

Remember, people will continue to have opinions.
It is YOUR DECISION though whether you're going to let them get into your head  Realize how much work you have put into your dream already and keep going.

Why does our brain shy away from accepting a nice honest compliment as a "oh man, they must just like me as a person or something", and remembers all the crap we have been told since our first breath!??

Also things like this pick up slowly, and have momentum. So, once your locomotive blows the steam at the station, it can seem that the passers-by are right. You are not moving. However, the energy is building up, and once full speed, you will be unstoppable.

How do you react having realized you're on the right path, but in the moment it is difficult to stick it out and ignore the irrelevant opinion of someone who does not believe in you?

Please share.

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