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Decide Who You are Before the World Tells You – TotalBodyLab

Decide Who You are Before the World Tells You

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Have you noticed that when somebody gives us credit, maybe not for what we wanted out of our deed, we usually embrace it anyways, exaggerating the paotential reason why we were noticed.

That is all fine and well, but where will this go if the world doesn't pay attention to you anymore. Parents die, friends move, other things in life can change that, but what is left is our personality that has been formed by these external factors that are not applicable anymore...

How will it make us feel?

Our focus during most life moments is ourselves. Our senses, feelings, emotions, reflections. The more those are true to how WE want to be, the easier it is to stay sane and happy when external shifts.

What tactics do you have to figure out what is your true, authenic self, and what is caused by a desire to please someone else?








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