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Have you noticed that whenever somebody can't get their way, they try to get it back by blaming you for being the #self-centric asshole? You feel bad, try to balance it out by doing whatever is morally right, humble and proper [according to that person who pointed this out in the first place].

See a problem here?

We are taught to be humble, respectful, to not show off unnecessarily, to think twice before expressing #opinions in public.  Yet we are constantly being shown examples of people who have achieved a lot, who are much more #talented and smarter than us... but when we try... we are being shut down.


Because all of those people who have tried and succeeded have faced the exact same feedback as us. Many of their friends and relatives told them that they should probably stop, and that they are making fools of themselves. However the wise stoics defied those voices and listen to what was within them instead.

Arrogant and detrimental to the folks around?
Doubt it.

All my life I have been thinking that I'm physically weak because I have been told that. Regardless of the fact I have been the fastest sprinter in high school (despite being bigger than most girls then) and have been able to lift more than 90% of the women I know since college. This is why I have never posted myself working out on social media. Thinking, there is nothing impactful to add.


After having trained people for a couple years now, I've realized that weak or #strong - doesn't matter if you have something to say and you think somebody could benefit from that.

Of course a lot of the output demand is driven by ego ... But very little amount of things in our lives are not if you really think about it. We write because we think some idiot couldn't come up with such a thing by themselves. We manage employees at work because we know they can't get organized and productive without us, we learn more and try to achieve more to seem better for ourselves and to prove something others (subconsciously or not). So maybe sometimes we just need to crawl out of the cave and #embrace our #egoism. Dont dig it? Scroll thru.

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