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Attitude Towards Failure – TotalBodyLab

Attitude Towards Failure

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I usually post successful lifts.

Well last week when I was updating PRs on the main 3 lifts:squat, bench,deadlift... and in each of them I DID NOT get new MAX numbers the 1st time.
Or the 2nd time.

Both bench and squat wore successful on attempt 3, and the deadlift... well that was more complicated.

Got 315 easy

The first three were 335. Picked it up the first time, but thought back rounded (lol it didn't... as you can see), so I dropped it. Adductors were still tired from a heavy leg day 4 days before... so we put the bar on small plates, and I miraculously pulled 335, 355 and 365. (not filmed)

Wow. I was blown away how much of a difference 2" can make! [insert a lewd joke here]. You're probably thinking "well what's the point of decreasing the range of motion instead of just pulling a lighter weight with full ROM?

Glad you asked.
Because it wasn't just flexibility, hip strenght and tired adductors that caused failure. I KNEW how much weight was on the barbell and was THINKING about it. I was tense and felt emotional pressure. "I gotta pull it, we aren't going to update PRs for the next few months now!"

After we put the barbell on the plates and coach put EVEN MORE weight on, attitude was more like "well this is impossible, so I'm just going to staple in, pull and see what happens." The added 2" and lack of expectations resulted into a couple more successful sets... crazy how overthinking the result can ruin things.

So, don't overthink. Just go do stuff.
Success will come if you're stubborn enough. And failures will too. Letting them ruin the fun of the process though or not is up to you though.

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