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How to Get Results - Fast – TotalBodyLab

How to Get Results - Fast

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Katya February check in

December 2019 vs February 2020: 2 months, 10 lbs, 20 in of hair.

It's about staying what you stick to.
Everyone wants ABS.
The easy part is - hiring a coach, spending a lot of money upfront on the exercise and meal plans...

The hard part is - sticking to it. Struggling through body fighting you back by being sore, being hungry and moody. Waiting for seeds to grow.

If you plant a seed and shine light on it, it will grow. So will you. You have potential. With consistency, effort and the right guidance - you will grow. The difference between you and the tree is - you have a brain that reminds you there is another choice - NOT to do it. The tree doesn't have one, so it just grows... Regardless if it is rain or blizzard. .
Eventually, the tree grows fruits on it. How long does it take for the tree to get from the seed to delivering fruits? Then why do you expect a month's program to make you into Ms.Olympia?

How long did it take you to gain 20 lb of fat you've been carrying around convincing yourself it's fine?

Maybe, it's time to weed the yard of bad habits and laziness first, fertilize the soil with a killer support system and then worry about planting anything if your yard???

Set a good foundation, hire a pro coach, and then your job is simple - .
Don't think about it. Just do it. Like a tree.

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