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How to Have a Vacation – TotalBodyLab

How to Have a Vacation

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I am 27, and have been on many vacations with parents, friends and by myself. However, this vacation feels like my first real one.


Well, I finally felt like I deserved it, and purposefully chose to take the time off and rest. It's not holiday season yet, but I have built the business the way so I can work from anywhere as long as I have a laptop and a good internet connection.

Before I have paid for my own vacations too but "saving up vacation hours", having to forcefully take religious and cultural holidays off that I don't relate to felt like I was supposed to rest on someone else's terms. Oh, and "having to use the accumulated off days before the end of the year"  or when the boss encourages you to "take rest now because we all need it"... during the convenient time for the company.

Of course, not all companies are like the but damn, the freedom to take a break when one truly needs it is the sweetest freedom there is.

The downsides are

  1. You pay for it 100%.
  2. If improperly planned, may have a downside after coming back. I've got folks scheduled through January, so @TotalBodyLab should be good
  3. It may be tempting/necessary to check work emails and take calls still. I feel inspired when traveling so writing, filming, staying on top of social media and checking on with clients doesnt bother be one bit!

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