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How to save 50% on your groceries? – TotalBodyLab

How to save 50% on your groceries?

I've noticed over the past few years that even though I've been buying higher quality food, my bills have been lower...

Why is that?

1. Alcohol

I typically have a bottle of wine or two saved in case there is a party, but stopped buying liquor / wine/ beer on the regular. Yeah, drinking at home is less expensive than out, but a six pack and a bottle of wine every week could add up to $3k a year for your household...

2. Meat

Is expensive. Duh. And unnecessary. Also duh. If you're not plant based, and are not #vegancurious (love that word), consider cutting animal products consumption to 2-3 times a week. Planet wins with less green house emissions, animals win, your kids win cause you'll die off a heart attack a little later, and your wallet wins. Good job. Go make some seitan. Recipe on my blog

3. Snacks

Are so damn overpriced it's insane. Whoever figured how to sell one potatoe for a price of a galon by inenting chips knew that. We forget though. Get berries for snacks, save yourself some bucks and unnecessary fat layers. Fresh berries are about the same price as snacks per oz, but frozen bulk ones are way cheaper! And you'll eat less between meals and stop feeling guilty finally.

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