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How to Stop Late Night Snacking – TotalBodyLab

How to Stop Late Night Snacking

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Got a lot of questions on how to stop late night eating lately
First of all, let's all agree on the fact that calories in, say, blueberries at 6:00 p.m. and at 6:01 p.m. are the same. So are the calories in pizza, chips and so on.
I repeat - unlike what most people believe, it is NOT more likely you'll gain weight / fat if you binge before bed. No matter when you consume anything, in the end your body will convert calories into energy or store for later.
Now let's go to emotional eating. Late at night you probably are bored /stressed /sad, lonely. Who comes for rescue?
Highly palatable foods, alcohol, brainless Netflix. Sometimes all at the same time...
Here's the thing with decision making: after you are tired doing this all day, you will a lot less likely make a good choice or choice you want regret of and the end of the day. which means, if you have not cut up your healthy snacks earlier in the morning, it is a lot more likely that you're going to open the bag of chips.
katya blueberries late night snack
I was at the store today and saw these blueberries two boxes for $5 and blackberries one box for a dollar. Bought six. about the same price as a bag of chips, and about the same calories, except I will eat the berries throughout the whole week and be very full and happy, and chips would make me want more highly palatable food and less happy.
Don't want fruit? Make popcorn. Don't BUY IT. MAKE IT. TAKES 5 MIN. no oil. Air fry some taters.Yeah - it's a carb, but you're so much more likely to control home made baked "fries" rather than the fried ones form the local burger joint that are leaving an oily trail after you as you walk.
See my point here?
Prepare that the worst part of "you" will be making decisions that night. And go get berries instead of chips. Including you keto people - I c u

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