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How Toxic Masculinity Makes My Job Harder – TotalBodyLab

How Toxic Masculinity Makes My Job Harder

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Aside of the fact it makes dudes ask for "six pack and beach muscles" workouts solely, and chicks just want to "tone upper body and get a booty"

Toxic masculinity is bringing a lot of other nightmare-fish shenanigans to the gym floor.

Lately, I've seen a lot of

  1. Former /retired military or competitive athletes pushing through pain, getting injured quickly or worsening a chronic condition
  2. SO MANY dudes just skip joint gymnastics and warmup altogether, jumping directly into a heavy compound movement and then wonder why the fuck it HURTS WORSE day after day.
  3. Girls typically have the opposite problem - being afraid of the heavy weights, afraid to get bulky... (even though female body doesn't produce NEARLY enough testosterone to get as bulky as our male counterparts)
  4. progressing to heavy weights before teaching body to move properly. Every time I hear "my form is better when I lift over 75% max weight!", or some similar bullshit, I want to slap the impatient person in the forehead with an anatomy and physiology book.

If you claim, form is good with > 75% of your max, where the F does it go when the weight is lower??? Maybe you're just lazy, cause it's easier, moving the stress to the skeletal system and not engaging proper musculature? I think so. No go prove me wrong.

Ego lifting. My favorite! Looks good to move heavy shit in space, snap a few shirtless pics for Tinder and IG - they won't know, you're moving elbows all around when curling and destroying your inflexible shoulder joint during snatches

A couple disclaimers:

1. I consider something toxic when it comes to harm oneself or others

2. Joint gymnastics is a type of gentle total body warm-ups, not actual sport of "gymnastics", or crazy stretches. Video tutorial below

3. Professional powerlifters or weightlifters CAN have better form under load depending on their training style, peaking approach and other things before a competition. This post was mainly targeting amateur lifters' approaches.

4. The point was not to bash people who want more "beach muscles" than functional muscles, but those who ONLY work chest 'n bis and skip out on a healthy approach to weight lifting...

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