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It is about you

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Not about me.

Steer clear of coaches that make it about themselves. There are way too many people who have been under loved, and then go into coaching trying to profess what they have found to work for themselves. That is a very wrong way to treat other people's problems.

Bodybuilding is one of my personal hobbies, but I'm very clear about the fact that I compete for me. That is something that I have always wanted to do, and I love sharing the journey for whoever is interested in what is happening behind the curtains. In no way am I professing the this is something that my clients should do!

Katya 3 month progress

I actually discourage sports that focus on measuring achievement based on looks. Physical appearance is one of the last quantifiers you should evaluate your health and progress by. Instead, think about how flexible , strong , capable your body is. Are you ever out of breath when walking a flight of stairs? playing with your kids or or dog? Does anything hurt when you wake up? Does anything hurt on the regular basis? Is your range of motion restricted? Does your body limit you from the fun activities you want to partake in?

Make sure your coach really pays attention to your health goals and priorities. Have them build a program that enhances the quality of your daily life while being fun and challenging . Make sure they provide encouragement and support, not judgment.

This is what happens when accountability, good education and meeting clients where they are system is in place.

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