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Left or Right?

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No, I'm not talking Trump or Hillary here...

I've had a tooth chip, and the earliest dentist could schedule me was 2 weeks from the bad day. NBD, doesnt hurt - chewing on the other side + flossing more. That's when I had an "a-ha" realization:

Every time I ate I had to #THINK about chewing.
So weird.
It's like thinking about #breathing or walking.

We forget that humans are not #ambidexturous really. Try peeling a vegetable with your left hand (if you're right-handed) without cutting your fingers off. Or opening a jam with the opposite hand placement, putting on a shirt with the other arm in first than what you usually do. Uncomfortable? That's cause your brain doesnt have a neuron connection for this motion. It takes about 21 days to form one. So, theoretically, if you wanted to learn how to *legibly* write with your left hand, in 3 weeks of daily practice, you should be good.

K, Katya, what's your point???

 bikini back pose

If you look really closely, you will notice that my right glute has a better separation with a right hamstring, and there's in general more muscle on the right side than the left. which makes sense cause I'm right handed. My left side is always more sore after the workouts and then right side is a tad stronger.

My point is - we do thousands of daily activities without thinking using one or the other side of the body, and it makes us a tiny bit unbalanced. Not significantly enough to notice, but significantly enough to cause postural deviations (scoliosis, hip abduction, you name it) if we keep doing these single-sided movements for decades.
I'm 27. Do you know why I have scoliosis? Cause growing up I used to carry a backpack on one shoulder like the cool kids, and it didn't occur to me at the time that switching sides (or carrying it like it was designed to) was a good idea.

So, your homework is - find three movements that you're only used to be doing single-sidedly (brushing teeth, winking, stepping up, ironing, sweeping, crossing legs, putting on a t-shirt, etc.), and switch to the other side for 3 weeks!

See what happens.


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