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Leg day.

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Beware when you hear:

  1. I run + walk a lot that counts as leg day.
  2. Let me just do 1000 lunges/steps!
  3. I just want a nice butt & don't care about the rest...
  4. I'm doing bodyweight high intensity training until I sweat!


bikini peak week pack pose

 Bad News

A well-structured leg day is a lot more than just moving your lower body extremities until you break a sweat.

  1. First, focus on larger muscle groups, like glutes and lower back, quadriceps and hamstrings.
  2. Then fatigue the smaller muscles groups in isolated exercises. It's ok to break lower body muscles into two groups and hit them on different days if you train 4+ days a week... however if you're a newbie, or lift 2-3 days a week, gotta address all leg muscles
  3.  For example, start with a complex, heavy-lift, such as variations of squat, deadlift, or Olympic lifting  (ONLY if you have mastered the ones above and are powerful and flexible enough). Those are very energy-consuming, build strength and power fast and have an amazing effect on your metabolism.
  4.  Move on to cables, resistance bands and machine exercises to wrap up.
  5. Do not forget to WARM UP your WHOLE BODY dynamically and do joint gymnastics!!! 10 min of running is NOT a holistic warm up for these purposes.
  6.  Roll out and stretch after the workout.

Of course, there is a lot more that goes into it, but let's save that for the upcoming posts  If you have questions about the exercises above and #warmup routines, comment below.

p.s. I love how unenthused Hera (bottom left corner) is with my posing practice 

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