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Love Confessions

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Has someone confessed πŸ’˜ love to you yesterday?

πŸ’Œ Or have you?

When you date somebody for a while, people start asking if it is "official"Β  (what does that even mean??), If you are calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

a. It's none of y'alls business;
b. Sometimes you don't care what to call each other because labels mean nothing to you).

Then they start asking if you saying the "L word" already.
Grr... Why the fuck is this important!? Don't you just want to be treated nicely, and be respectful yourself?

How does a beautiful confession, a poem and Raffaello sprinkled red rose salad with candles change your relationship? It is a nice instant gratification, but so can be small things resulting from being humane, kind and respectful...

Spread the care evenly throughout daily life instead of avalanching it all at once over the holidays may be surprisingly rewarding. Supporting your significant other, friend, relative that you love, calling then every once in a while and being there for them is so simple yet we forget.

The illustrious "decorations" that some may confuse for act of love, such as expensive engagement rings, cute photo shoots in social media and fancy dinners, PDA, etc. may very well be driven by egoism + social pressure and not contributing that much to the relationship, bond and our happiness... While surprises and gifts may still be important, depending on the person, they however are nor necessary by any means.πŸ’‘

No one but ourselves really knows what relationships with people dear to us are like.
In fact, it does not matter - they may look very different than what they truly are...

We can focus on how to be the best supportive friend and ally as humanly possible. Regardless of the labels and opinions of passers-by.

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