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Love in the Mail

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Many people have told me that it is not okay sending Valentine's cards to friends, telling them that you love and appreciate them, telling your ex that you are thankful that you have met and faced this world as a unit for a while  and sending them some flowers or candy, and GOD FORBID giving a card to your boss / colleagues ...

How can you not love the people who made you who you are though? Unless your ex was a serial killer, or boss has a cognitive dissonance with the thought he/she can be an inspiring and kind human being on top of a good professional... you should be fine.
You have learned something new about yourself from them, your standards and preferences.

This is valuable .
Isn't this enough of a reason to celebrate and thank that person?

Why does everyone have a conniption when someone expresses appreciation and says nice things about them on any other 364 days a year that is not a their birthday?? Why does our brain automatically go into "hmm... what is this person's TRUE intention? They must want something from me..."


Oddly, it doesn't occur to us that someone who is not family can just appreciate us for being "US". Appreciate us for a cheerful smile and a joke on a gloomy Wednesday morning and being honest that dress your friend wanted to buy for a wedding made her look like a clown.

Don't be afraid to love yourself and others, and of course, please tell them about it! It's free and makes both people feel worthy and complete

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