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Riding the Motivation Wave – TotalBodyLab

Riding the Motivation Wave

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Have you noticed that sometimes you just cannot force yourself to do the thing that needs to be done?

Be it a workout , returning those wrong size jeans, going through closet to find stuff to donate, or whatever else. .

Our motivation varies depending a lot of factors: From hours of the day to how much you interact with your surroundings to whether you are full or hungry, etc.

I do not train people in the morning.

That is my best time to organize thoughts, write them down, edit content, check with partners and clients and do the stuff that I want to do least - accounting, bills, unloading the dishwasher...

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Sometimes I want to stay up late to decompress after work, however that tends to corrupt productive mornings so I have found that if I go to bed earlier, wake up earlier and get shit done BEFORE going to the gym (to train clients or myself) everything feels SIGNIFICANTLY easier to do, and things are just flowing.

If I travel, go out, allow a late-night outing into the calendar, my beloved morning routine suffers and there is NO motivation wave morning anymore... there is swimming against the waterfall of shit before its time to leave for work.

This message is mainly addressed to clients who complain that they're never in the mood of working out, things get in the way, they're stressed and distracted...

Figure out when your motivation is highest, and ride that wave!

I have also noticed that people who complain most are typically not the busiest! Some folks have three kids, demanding jobs, travel twice a month, and still manage to meal prep / track macros and get lifts in!

Don't want to compare and judge, just saying that more than you think is under your control.

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