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Your life is not a court case, however every day, every minute you do make a decision to settle for something or continue to look for a more lucrative alternative.

- Picking tomatoes at a grocery store
- Waking up an hour early for the morning run - rain or shine
- Moving in with a significant other
- Negotiating a salary
- Checking the nutritional info on every packaged food you purchase
- How your body looks

How much you'll have to pay for health insurance 40 years from now

All of the above are your choices. Small or large - those choices affect your life. It's mind blowing how a little extra thought, automation (to eliminate decision fatigue), and delegating can increase daily life quality.

People are smart. Everyone wants nice shit for themselves, and to leave the busy work and cleaning the proverbial toilets - for someone else. Everyone wants a good deal! People will try to get more for less if you have a good service or product to offer. However agreeing to that, or knowing that a valuable service costs accordingly - this is up to YOU.

What are your hacks to self-check if you are getting the most out of daily choices? Do you think it is overly cynical to think about life this way? I just got called out on that a few days ago.

After being screwed over a couple times, I'm still a believer that this mentality works 99% of the time if we are truly being honest with ourselves.

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