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Traveling Exercise Equipment

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"Hey coach, I'm traveling, workout after the trip!"
 Boy do I hear this often!

Yeah, I get you, dear overworked and underslept friend - you are looking forward to decompressing 100%. For rivers of piña coladas to take you away from responsibilities until the plane home.

True, resting is vital. We aren't looking to make insane gains over holidays. But SUSTAINING RESULTS youve been working so hard for over the course of the year is what you owe yourself. What I offer you is - being vocal that you won't have access to a conventional gym so your coach redesigns your program per minimal / no equipment, or recovery only. I always do that for my clients

Give a client an exercise + meal plan, and they will succeed until you stop supporting them.

Educate about which muscles to target with which exercises, how to compose a good workout and recovery program - and they are equipped with knowledge on how to progress for a while. Problem is, they don't need a coach anymore which means, I'm not continuing to get paid.

I'm not in business to live off people who aren't willing to engage with their own body and mind though. That's pointless, unfulfilling, and a waste of everyone's energy and time.

So, today's educational post goes to the folks who try to sneak away from working out on vacay. This is a travel set I have built for myself that basically replaces a brick and mortar gym:

  1. A couple long thick loop bands (I brought 30, 90 and 120 lbs) - for squat, deadlift , triceps extension, biceps curl, delt raise, face pull, band pull apart
  2. Short elastic rubber loop bands - for hip thrust, fire hydrant, donkey kick, lateral walk, clam shell, banded squat, deficit delt pull apart
  3.  Short think fabric loop band - same as above
  4.  DIY TRX ropes - a variety of rows, face pull, Y + T, down dog abs, hanging L-sit
  5. Thanks my dad for making those
  6.  Lacrosse (myofascial release) ball - roll out knots + trigger points


Fits into a 10"×10"×3" bag, weighs about 3 lb.

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