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Tricks for easy food tracking – TotalBodyLab

Tricks for easy food tracking

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1. Getting a cheap kitchen scale and separating your “meals” into ready-to-go containers can be a game changer if you keep yourself busy. You can save the foods you often eat together in the “meal” section of MyFitnessPal, and not worry about weighing stuff every time!⁠

2. Snacks and liquid calories count too (coffee with creamer, wine, etc). Having at least 2 weeks of this data is crucial for me to adjust your calories & macros to get your body composition to the place we want it the fastest as we move on. ⁠

3. Get used to tracking and evaluate how your nutrition looks like at the end of each day. That’s all. In 2-3 weeks you’ll be able to eyeball portions of foods on the go, without even thinking, and eating whole, balanced meals will become an effortless habit. This is our goal!⁠

4. Try “pre-logging” your food in advance and checking if what you want to eat fits into your daily macro goal before it’s too late. You can even slide a piece of pizza or cookie in⁠ there with a little bit of planning.⁠

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