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Wise advice

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We all have those people in our lives who wish us THE BEST, like our parents, our husband, brother, girlfriend, best friend, childhood neighbor... you got the gist.

They are near when times are shity, they will hug us and tell us that it will be okay and provide some wise advice. We'll combine all the above suggestions, sprinkle 1% what we actually think we should do on top and act.


I have found out that despite all the good intentions, this strategy can lead to the ever-evolving spiral of depression and a feeling that you have been living according to somebody else's master plan  ( #Avicii fans, recognize the reference ?]

Realize that people who love us and are always there for us also (subconsciously or not) desire that we stay about the same, about average, with similar pains and frustrations as everyone around. Safe.

Change is scary and risky. What if you become one of those people on the news that it is considered acceptable to mock, a grandma judges you for being #unladylike , father is disappointed that you're not fulfilling his expectations. Husband complains that you're a selfish and inconsiderate wife, and friends laugh and try to bring you to "reality" aka conformity.

On the other hand, the people who don't have any balls in the game: your hairdresser, coffee shop owner, the old lady who occasionally sees you in the dog park will probably be give you more helpful advice. Your interaction /business probably makes them happy, however if you fail, that is none of their problem.

Sometimes its tough to realize that we've been programmed by the "people who wish the best for us" to not live up to our full potential and SNAP OUT OF IT.  There is wisdom in each of us, we just need to learn how to hear it.  Sorry, unsolicited advice is not welcome.

Is your experience with life advice different with people who are closer to you versus the ones who are not?

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