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Youth and Beauty

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When you're young and beautiful, all doors are open for you. And by "young" and "beautiful" I don't mean young in age, or beauty in your standard unnaturally tan and skinny Victoria Secret-model look.

Youth is something we have in our souls - the light that comes from within. You can see it in the eyes, in the smile, in the care and warmth somebody's hands and heart have. I have met many people who in their early years were more jaded than many senior people I know. My grandmother who died of cancer at 63 was hopping and flying like a butterfly until her last days. Despite the chemo and miserable Russian hospital environment.

The outlook on life of a young vs. old person is dependent upon their willingness to experiment and accept the ever-evolving course of life, be open to new ideas and welcome change.

Beauty is very similar - when somebody looks in the mirror, and their reflection makes them happy no matter how aesthetically pleasing they are at the time, or if they fit the image of what other people consider attractive.

Yes, I am convinced, those standards have been unnaturally made up even though staying in the normal BMR range is evolutionarily more "attractive". (More on body image in this post. )

Seeing beauty in yourself and others is not talent though. You have a choice to develop this skill and love who and what you are. I truly believe that thoughts and perception can transform our life by attracting more of what we notice, so why not use it?

p.s. Thank you ladies for a wonderful birthday 💓 did we forget to take good group pictures this time?..

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