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NO BAKE Breakfast Vanilla Protein Bars – TotalBodyLab

NO BAKE Breakfast Vanilla Protein Bars

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Yet again - the 5 min one bowl recipe! 
katya tvp


  • 2 oz, Coconut (or any other nondairy) Milk
  • 1 oz Zero Calorie Syrup
  • 60 milliliter, Premium Pea Protein (I used Anthony's)
  • 1 oz, Organic Cocoa Nibs (I used Anthony's)
  • 1 gram, Vanilla Extract
  • 5 fluid ounce, Tvp (I used Anthony's) tell them to sponsor me...
  • 55 milliliter, Tahini Sesame Paste
  • 1 fl oz, Maple Syrup
  • pinch of Salt
  • 2 fluid ounce, Oats, old fashioned
  • 1 scoop, Vegan Protein Powder (I used TRU Protein Vanilla, discount below)

Mix everything together and press into a square baking dish lined with parchment paper or food grade silicone mats, and let em chill for a few hours.


If you don't care about macros, no need to use zero cal syrup - you can just use maple. And vice versa.

Add chocolate chips instead of cocoa nibs if you want a more delectable treat.

No need to use non-flavored protein, I just don't like my bars too sweet.

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