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Angles are Everything – TotalBodyLab

Angles are Everything

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Well, after lifting a lot and having a balanced program they are :) Did you know that how and where you grab the bar or machine handles + the slight variation in direction joints move affect which muscles you use?

Using the right geometry sounds pretty basic, but most people ignore focusing on figuring out how to get the most out of each move.



The row I'm doing in the 1st video, hands are on the bottom handles. Why? Because I try to focus on getting the rear delts to do the majority of the work, not lats or traps. Put hands in the neutral position - completely different exercise.

In video 2, it's a bit challenging for me to activate rear delts and not use traps, so I stood up and pushed my chest into the machine, focusing on mind-muscle connection throughout the exercise. Slow 1+1/4 ROM to not leave any doubt delts are set on fire 🔥 no need to jack up the weight.

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