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ALEJANDRO FIERRO I Calisthenics I – TotalBodyLab


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

3 Years Training Experience

  • Currently training to compete in calisthenic tournaments.
  • Soccer was the first sport of interest, specifically freestyle and futsal
  • Alejandro is Mexican and Russian descent
  • Alejandro is into coding but studies Clinical Physiology with a minor in Psychology
  • Alejandro is into stoic philosophy and is currently writing a book on power and influence.

Fun facts about Alejandro:

    • I like watching anime from time to time (Other than that I don’t really watch TV)
    • I like dancing but I suck at it.
    • I was training breakdancing and skateboarding at some point lol.
    • I changed Majors 5 times in college.
    • I have read 400+ books. (Physical and audio)