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ALEXEI BAKHIREV I Elite Powerlifter I – TotalBodyLab

ALEXEI BAKHIREV I Elite Powerlifter I

Alexei has competed in over 100 international meets. Alexei has coached and prepared more then 20 Elite class powerlifters in US, EU and Russia. He holds a title of a highest national level coach in Russia.

It so happened that I got into sports quit early, when I was 10 years old. I got lucky with my coach - results I showed progressed very quickly. Between age 13 and 15 I was on the podium of numerous national championships. The moment when I’d have been proclaimed world champion seemed so near. However that did not happen. When I was 16 years old, I moved to another country.

Unfortunately, I lost the contact with my coach and my results immediately stopped growing. (It was so long ago, in those times there was no Internet or mobile communications) I was young and strong, but nevertheless my results did not move one iota. It turns out that I was not so talented and gifted as I presumptuously considered myself. At that time, it was hard enough to find information on how to train. Basically there were articles in the style of “do as a champion and you will become one” Unfortunately the truth was that becoming a champion is not enough to copy someone’s training scheme. This approach has done more harm than good. After a year of blind copying, my results still did not grow.

Did it mean that I gave up? 

I was looking for any opportunities, acting differently and looking for excuses is not my method. This is what I believed then and believe now. The first thing I needed to accept was my personality. I stopped fighting with someone, and I tried day after day to become better than myself. Day after day, step by step, I moved towards my goal, enjoying the work done and the satisfaction of achieving intermediate goals. So until one day I became a champion, and then a world record holder.

I’m not the “greatest of all time” but I’m that simple guy who made himself, with his knowledge and work. 

In the 74 kg body weight bracket:

  • Top 2 IPF powerlifter by Wilks in 2011
  • 2012-2014 Top 1 IPF powerlifter by Wilks
  • 2015-2017 Top 5 IPF lifters by Wilks
  • First place IPF World Raw Powerlifting Champion, Stockholm Sweden, 2012. Weight Class: 74kg


  • 5x Arnold Classic Champion, Columbus, OH
    • Classic Powerlifting Champion- 2011,2013, 2014 at 74kg weight class
    • Equipped Powerlifting Champion- 2014,2015 at 74kg weight class
    • GRAND PRIX BY SBD Powerlifting Bronze Medalist- 2020
  • Olympia Invitational, Las Vegas, NV
    • Olympia Equipped Powerlifting Champion- 2102, Bench and Deadlift (need weight class)
  • 6x Russian National RAW and equipped Powerlifting Champion 2010-2013 at 74kg
  • Su.Po Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (South American Powerlifting Federation)
    • Deadlift Champion- 2014 at 74kg
    • Overall Equipped Champion- 2015 at 74 kg
  • SAR, Johannesburg, South Africa (SAR – South African republic)
    • Raw and Equipped Overall Champion- 2017 at 74 kg
  • Barcelona, Spain Invitational Arnold Classic Europe
    • Equipped Overall Champion- 2017
    • Equipped Champion Bench Press- 2019


  • Squat- 237.5 National record
  • Bench- 187.5 National record
  • Deadlift- 302.5 National record


  • Squat- 290
  • Bench- 241 WR record
  • Deadlift-  322.5 WR record