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Awards and Certifications – TotalBodyLab

Awards and Certifications

American Council of Excellence

Certified ACE CPT #T237909

ACE CPT Certification

Bodybuilding Competitions

2019 Atlantic Coast Classic (Wilmington, NC)

NPC Atlantic Coast Winner

Coached by Samantha Shorkey of JackedOnTheBeanstalk, Katya Gorbacheva got first call-outs in a non-tested NPC show as a vegan natural athlete and won the awards below:

  • True Novice Bikini Class B - 1st Place
  • Junior Bikini Class C - 3rd Place
  • Open Bikini - 5th Place

2019 OCB Colonial Open (Williamsburg, VA)

OCB Overall Bikini Champion

Self-coached, Overall Bikini Champion in a tested OCB show as a natural vegan athlete. Won the most awans in her category:

Bikini Overall - 1st place
Bikini Open C - 2nd place
Bikini Novice A - 1st place
Bikini Debut - 2nd place

Liability Insurance

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