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Client Testimonials – TotalBodyLab

Client Testimonials

Mark's 6 Month Transformation

This is what dedication and hard work can bring you: lean, strong and confident. We've been training for half a year together - starting with bodyweight and interval work, moving to more weightlifting and powerlifting routines.

Now Mark is knowledgeable enough to switch to an online program and continue on his own (with weekly check ins of course) ūüėé.

He went plant based too and managed to lose 30 lbs of fat gain 5 lbs of muscle + deadlift over 1.5x his body weight √ó 8 reps, learnt how bench and squat like a powerlifter, do 8 body weight pullups and got that nice six pack going.

Mark's feedback:

           "-Katya is awesome!"

I was apprehensive about working with a trainer, but it's worked out well! She's helped me lose weight and gain muscle. I'm in much better shape now than I've been in a long time.

Lisa's 3 Month Transformation

When Lisa stepped into our gym, everyone was asking "when is her bikini show!?" Tall, graceful, supermodel-like, she wanted to get toned and confident for the Miami vacation.

After only 2 months of work, she was already looking like a buff Victoria Secret Angel. We kept working on form and shredded some remaining fat for the remaining month, so she was undoubtedly the queen at the beach.
Now Lisa is maintaining propress working out from home with my online coaching support. Good work, girl! We miss you at the gym!¬†‚̧ ūüĎôūüí™

Yuliya, Stock Trader and Snowboarder's Recovery

Not only does Yulia work long hours as a trader in the city of London, she is also a semi-professional snowboarder hitting the slopes every other weekend, runs marathons, surfs, hikes and does gymnastics. She realized that all that activity was great, but she started to get injured more.

Katya helped her get stronger and build a solid foundation for being able to take on higher jumps and softer landings as well as able to improve recovery. Yuliya used to never cook in her life, and Katya helped her save time and money by creating an accommodating nutrition plan with easy suggestions and a strategy to keep accountable to healthy, easily accessible food options.

Bryan's Transformation

Kiah's 5 Week Transformation

Kiah Wells is a Contra Musician, massage therapist, avid hiker and he also has an ultimate frisbee team. He's reached out to Katya about training to increase his performance in frisbee and get to the best shape of his life. Over the course of 2 months, his strength doubled, sprinting speed increased and he's gained a noticeable amount of muscle! Check out Kiah's instagram page here.

Charlotte's 4 Month Transformation


Over 4 months of training, Charlotte lost 20 lbs of fat and gained a few lbs of muscle.

She used to run cross country, and has strong legs, however her knees were hurting during long distance running . Her program included balancing lower body and strengthening upper body. Abs, arm and shoulder definition - as some nice side benefits to reap ūüí™

Despite the rigorous MIT PhD program, she is keeping the workouts up and monitoring her diet for optimal performance in the gym , classroom and lab.

Mark's 2 Month Transformation

We started lifting in September. Former football player, Mark has a demanding job in RTP and wanted to get back into athletic endeavors to improve posture, health, increase strength and better looks - as a nice side effect.

After the first 2 months of lifting only once a week, some cardio and minor diet changes, Mark lost 4-5 lbs of fat and gained some muscle. Love handles replaced themselves with a stronger V-shape back. Traps and legs gained strength and endurance, shoulders have opened up for a more upright, healthy posture.

Mark has moved to doing more biking, workout on his own and lifting twice a week since then, and watching for better food options even while traveling for work, and of course being a father and husband!

Great job and thank you for being an example of diligence and perseverance.

I always wonder how the busiest people get better results than the young, frolicky ones with much less responsibilities and things on their plate...

Anna's 6 Week Transformation

Diana's 6 Week Month Transformation

           " - Highly recommend! "

I had a great experience working with Katya. She is super knowledgeable and attentive. She is also very driven and her encouragement helped me a lot. I always thought that working out is not my thing and eating healthy is too much work, but     with Katya's help I was able to find my balance.

I changed some of my habits and I feel so much better now. I lost 10lb already and intend to continue my new routine. I'm extremely thankful for Katya's expertise and care! With her support I was able to reach goals I never thought I could.

Irina's 6 Week Transformation

Shail's 2 Month Transformation

Natali's 4 Week Transformation

Erinn's 2 Month Transformation

Erinn gained 5 lbs of muscle over 3 months of lifting from home!
She is a runner, and has noticed performance increasing since we have started training in January. She wasn't looking to lose weight, and in fact, not looks more balanced while weighing MORE! 
Weight loss has never been her goal, so at first she was worried if the weight gain is a bad thing.

Body recomposition

Marina's 4 Week Transformation

Anastasia's 1 Month Transformation

Body recomposition