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Katya Gorbacheva, Natural Bodybuilder and Powerlifter

2019 Atlantic Coast Classic (Wilmington, NC)

NPC Atlantic Coast Winner

Coached by Samantha Shorkey of JackedOnTheBeanstalk, Katya Gorbacheva got first call-outs in a non-tested NPC show as a vegan natural athlete and won the awards below:

  • True Novice Bikini Class B - 1st Place
  • Junior Bikini Class C - 3rd Place
  • Open Bikini - 5th Place

2019 OCB Colonial Open (Williamsburg, VA)

OCB Overall Bikini Champion

Self-coached, Overall Bikini Champion in a tested OCB show as a natural vegan athlete. Won the most awans in her category:

Bikini Overall - 1st place
Bikini Open C - 2nd place
Bikini Novice A - 1st place
Bikini Debut - 2nd place

Katya has been preparing to compete in NPC Border Klash April 4, OCB All Natural Atlantic Richmond VA May 2, and No Gear, Greensboro NC May 16 shows in the spring 2020, however they all got canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Katya Deadliftkatya medals

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Certified Personal Trainer, American Council of Excellence CPT #T237909

ACE CPT Certification

Laura Hedrick


About me

My name is Laura Hedrick, and I am a pharmacist, certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and diabetes care and education specialist. As a pharmacist, I have seen the health of our nation decline more rapidly every year. Diabetes and obesity are skyrocketing, and we are nowhere near slowing these epidemics down. It hurts me to see people taking more and more meds each year. They are not getting better! It’s just a band-aid and not a cure. Years ago, I had no idea how to help them besides dispensing more meds and counsel on side effects until I began a transformation of my own.

Total Body Transformation

If you had told me ten years ago that I would be able to squat and deadlift 220 pounds, do a push-up, and a pull-up, I would have laughed out loud. I thought the only way to maintain my current weight and stay fit was to run as much, and as far as I could. I ran, and I ran, and I ran. I also ate less and less. And yet, I felt crappy. I didn't like the way I looked in the mirror. I thought I should be able to see my abs and I couldn't understand why they weren't there! So I ran more; 3 marathons and over a dozen half marathons. I still looked "skinny fat." That mindset kept me in a vicious cycle of feeling tired and worn out for years.

The turning point for me was when I realized that I did not like this mentality. I didn't like that I felt like I had to run further and further. I also did not like that I wasn't happy with myself. So I did everything I could to learn about how to become a healthier version of myself. It started with lots of research, becoming a personal trainer, and implementing a resistance training routine. I cut out processed foods and started eating more. I ran less and actually lost a pants size and finally saw my abs for the 1st time!

Now, ten years later, I run occasionally (never more than 3 miles or so at a time). I lift weights five days a week, and I am striving for a goal of 250 lb deadlift. I don't eat processed foods. My rule of thumb is that if you would have to eat it during a zombie outbreak, then don't eat it now. I am a healthier, stronger, happier version of me. My total transformation started in an effort to improve my body, but it became a journey to improve my whole life. I will never stop looking for my best self.

Why choose me?

My knowledge of health and wellness extends beyond just the basic exercise routines. I am the full package when it comes to health coaching. I know about chronic conditions and diseases and how to treat and minimize those symptoms. I know what works to lose weight and gain muscle. I know how to create healthy habits and a balanced nutrition plan. I have compassion for everyone, and I understand that life can get out of control sometimes. I have dedicated my life to helping people be healthy, and I seek out more information to coach people on that path every day. I know how to change your life for the better, and I want to share this knowledge with you and help you find your best self!

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Alexei Bakhirev, Elite Powerlifter


Top 2 IPF powerlifter by Wilks in 2011

2012-2014 Top 1 IPF powerlifter by Wilks

2015-2017 Top 5 IPF lifters by Wilks

in the 74 kg body weight bracket

Alexei has competed in over 100 international meets. Alexei has coached and prepared more then 20 Elite class powerlifters in US, EU and Russia. He holds a title of a highest national level coach in Russia.

First place IPF World Raw Powerlifting Champion, Stockholm Sweden, 2012. Weight Class: 74kg

  • 5x Arnold Classic Champion, Columbus, OH
    • Classic Powerlifting Champion- 2011,2013, 2014 at 74kg weight class
    • Equipped Powerlifting Champion- 2014,2015 at 74kg weight class
    • GRAND PRIX BY SBD Powerlifting Bronze Medalist- 2020
  • Olympia Invitational, Las Vegas, NV
    • Olympia Equipped Powerlifting Champion- 2102, Bench and Deadlift (need weight class)
  • 6x Russian National RAW and equipped Powerlifting Champion 2010-2013 at 74kg
  • Su.Po Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (South American Powerlifting Federation)
    • Deadlift Champion- 2014 at 74kg
    • Overall Equipped Champion- 2015 at 74 kg
  • SAR, Johannesburg, South Africa (SAR – South African republic)
    • Raw and Equipped Overall Champion- 2017 at 74 kg
  • Barcelona, Spain Invitational Arnold Classic Europe
    • Equipped Overall Champion- 2017
    • Equipped Champion Bench Press- 2019


  • Squat- 237.5 National record
  • Bench- 187.5 National record
  • Deadlift- 302.5 National record


  • Squat- 290
  • Bench- 241 WR record
  • Deadlift-  322.5 WR record

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