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Mark's 2 Month Transformation:

This is what dedication and hard work can bring you: lean, strong and confident. We've been training for half a year together - starting with bodyweight and interval work, moving to more weightlifting and powerlifting routines.

Now Mark is knowledgeable enough to switch to an online program and continue on his own (with weekly check ins of course) 😎.

He went plant based too and managed to lose 30 lbs of fat gain 5 lbs of muscle + deadlift over 1.5x his body weight × 8 reps, learnt how bench and squat like a powerlifter, do 8 body weight pullups and got that nice six pack going.

Mark's feedback:

           "-Katya is awesome!"

I was apprehensive about working with a trainer, but it's worked out well! She's helped me lose weight and gain muscle. I'm in much better shape now than I've been in a long time.


Lisa's 3 Month Transformation:

When she came to the gym to train with me, everyone was asking "when is her bikini show!?" Tall, graceful, supermodel-like, she wanted to get toned and confident for the Miami vacation.

After only 2 months of work, she was already looking like a buff Victoria Secret Angel. We kept working on form and shredded some remaining fat for the remaining month, so she was undoubtedly the queen at the beach.
Now Lisa is maintaining progress working out from home with my online coaching support. Good work, girl! We miss you at the gym! ❤ 👙 💪

Are you ready to get the tools to keep for life that work for YOU and have control over your health and wellness?

Kiah's 5 Week Transformation:

Kiah Wells is a Contra Musician, massage therapist, avid hiker and he also has an ultimate frisbee team. He's reached out to Katya about training to increase his performance in frisbee and get to the best shape of his life. Over the course of 2 months, his strength doubled, sprinting speed increased and he's gained a noticeable amount of muscle!


I like to say "I'm the tool, you do the work" - and I mean it. Make sure you're ready to put in the work necessary to become a healthy, confident and strong you. I only work with clients who are coachable and ready to change to better themselves. Please do not waste my time if you're looking for a magic pill, detox or a fad diet.

Do you have the grit and dedication to get in the best shape of your life? Schedule a free 10 min coaching call to see if we're a good match to work together.

*** 100% money back guarantee if you do not get results. ***

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All Custom Programs Include:

- Personalized mobile workout and nutrition program designed specifically for your needs and equipment available (body weight, apartment gym, park, etc.),

- Easy to follow plateau-busting workouts with break down of correct exercise technique in video tutorials,
- Full macronutrient breakdown and flexible dieting education, updated weekly,
- Nutrition guidance, healthy recipes and meal prep recommendations,
grocery shopping list of affordable, easy to make foods at home or while traveling- suitable for your lifestyle and preferences (gluten free, vegan, lactose free, etc.)
- Weekly email/phone check-ins and inspiration.