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LYNSTRON GRIFFITH I Natural IFBB CAC Bodybuilder – TotalBodyLab


IFBB CAC Champion | Men's Physique

" My Name is Lynstron Griffith, I have 10 years’ experience as a trainer and over 20 years’ experience in strength and conditioning. Being a extremely skinny kid growing up I realized in order to compete physically I had to build up my body. When I realized the correlation between Strength and Muscle. I stopped being distracted by a lot of the fitness industry bullshit and focused on what really mattered in order to evolve my body " 


Men’s Physique Accomplishments:  

  • 1st in Tall Class at Barbados’ Inaugural Physique cup 2013 
  • 2nd in Tall Class at Barbados Nationals 2013 
  • 4th in Tall Class at 41st Central American and Caribbean Bodybuilding championships 2013 

Mind and Body Transformation 

My quest to create the best version of myself was inadvertently born out of the desire of not being ridiculed for my small stature. They were a lot of naysayers when I began my fitness journey, even some friends and some family would rather try to discourage me from my efforts with their jokes and negative critique rather than offer me an ounce of encouragement. I actually wanted to quit many times until I found strength in their negativity, for every time I would receive a reason why I shouldn’t bother I would try my best to find at least two for why I should. My increasing physical and mental toughness help me stay the course and I began to set bigger and brighter goals for my physique and fitness. 

I would dream of one day competing at least once in a bodybuilding show just to prove to myself I had the courage to. I never thought at that time I’d actually win my class in my first show competing against many of my country’s best young physiques and go on to represent my country on an International level. 

At that time, I even extended my coaching to team mates and rival competitors from other groups helping them not only to significantly better their physiques but to also win some of the shows I previously entered. My coaching and performance had helped our team dominate and even sweep top positions in a lot of the categories at many shows. This lead to our gym winning gym of the year for 3 years straight.  I also had the honor of being a judge for a women’s bodybuilding show, it was a phenomenal experience being chosen for my expertise and sitting on a panel with some of the most decorated judges and athletes the country has ever produced.

Why Choose Me

My experience has given me a vast an intimate knowledge of the struggles people have when trying to change their bodies. As a trainer I know what works for gaining muscle and loosing fat. As a coach and life long student of fitness and wellness I have experienced and dealt with a lot of the mental challenges which hinder people from reaching their goals. Fitness has had a positively profound effect on my life. My desire is not only to physically transform clients but also to instill them with the knowledge and passion for living a healthy lifestyle so they can enjoy all the associated benefits.