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ROSIE YADID I Yoga I Wellness coach I – TotalBodyLab

ROSIE YADID I Yoga I Wellness coach I

Rosie is a performance artist, yoga instructor and wellness coach. She has received two 200-hr teacher training certifications from the Tantravaya school of yoga and Ayurveda, as well as experience training in various movement techniques (Alexander, Laban, 5Rhythms).

'The Tantravaya method provides a complete path of holistic practices towards self-realization, with a thorough combination of Ayurveda as the foundation and world view of all practices; Anatomy-Based Alignment technique and realignment therapy; Yoga asana and Pranayama to heal and create a bridge between body and mind; and Insight Meditation to harness the power of the mind and direct it towards realization for the benefit of all beings.’

Rosie’s training focuses on finding balance within lifestyle in order to work towards health and self-compassion. When it comes to working the body, all physical practices are rooted in acceptance and the desire to nurture our strength and flexibility. If you feel great, you will look great. Your body is a miracle. Let’s explore all that it has to offer.