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VERONICA CHOU I Stretching I Flexibility I Functional training – TotalBodyLab

VERONICA CHOU I Stretching I Flexibility I Functional training

Veronica Chou has over ten years of dance teaching experience, with extensive training in jazz, hip hop and other street styles since 2009. She’s been a professional performer appearing in TV shows, music videos and movies in Taiwan, where she grew up.

She discovered pole dancing in 2012 and fell in love with its perfect combination of sensuality, elegance, and power. She’s a fan of building a natural feminine physique while gaining strength and flexibility.

She specializes in helping women get lean curves and body mobility with functional training and plant-based lifestyle.

Veronica’s been teaching pole dancing for the past 5 years, and since the outbreak of Covid-19, she’s made it a life goal to help more people get healthy and fit through online and in-person fitness training.


  • 2020 1st place - PSO United Cyberchampionship - Edited Video
  • 2018 2nd place - North American Championship - Amateur
  • 2018 3rd place - US Pole Sports Federation - Classique Amateur 
  • 2017 3rd place - Pole Sport Organization(North East) - Entertainment Jr Level 4
  • 2017 2nd place - Pole Sport Organization(Seaboard) - Entertainment Jr Level 3


  • elavatED - Certified Pole Dance Instructor Level 1 and Level 2
  • Science of Self Yoga Teacher Training- 200 hours